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Cooler Queen II (feat. Harry Benich)
This is an instrumental
Cooler Queen II (feat. Harry Benich)

This song is from the album Red vs Blue Season 17 Soundtrack.

Season 17 had several cues underscoring Chrovos. For consistency's sake, I set up a small array of synthesizers, including the DK Synergy, Memorymoog, Roland JD-990, and two soft synths (Omnisphere and G Force) to create an audibly recognizable bed for these moments. On top of this, I played the Rhoney Oceana through a Legend Rock and Roll 50 amp with the Treble set to 0, everything else turned to 10, and Master as high as I could handle to create a 'feedback' guitar track, with the guitar's chambered body adding resonance. This particular cue from RVB17E03 pivots around Washington's dialog towards the end to include the 'Big Prize' theme that's associated with him.