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Heart With Wings
Ponderosa pine
Makes me pine and ponder, wonder and opine
About the time
About the purple Black Hills
South Dakota thunder blues
While I'm heavily grounded in my Fluevog shoes

So I sing these blues
Thoroughly soaked with some reddish hues
It's music for the living
Words for the dead
and it's quarter note triplets for the tears that our parents bled

I discovered art, when I saw your face
An abundance of lovingly crafted words
From your heart with wings
And your mouth that sings
And the fear that you hide and what that fear brings

From California, to istanbul
And those silver little thoughts, that sound so cool
Near your ear can your hear
This long transmission from my busted short wave radio gear

You have got a heart with wings
You have got a soul that sings

Ancient battles, killed the land
They made Sitting Bull sit, but he stood like a man
And his blood flows in the smoke that I smoke
When Black Elk speaks, they were words I spoke

You have got, a heart with wings
You have got, a soul that sings

That thursday, I clipped my hunter's gun,
And I watched its silver bullets melt in the sun
Like the wax from the fake angel's wings
You're the one yeah you're the real thing

You have got, a heart with wings You have got, a soul that sings You have got, a heart with wings You have got, a soul that sings
Heart With Wings

This song is from the album Ghosts That Linger.

The first line of this tune was stuck in Nico's head for a few years. It wasn't until he gave his copy of Black Elk Speaks away that the rest started coming together. While recording Martha's vocals, she instantly came up with that gorgeous melody...


Nico Audy-Rowland: Yairi baritone guitar, Fender Telecaster Deluxe, Roland JD-990, Fender Precision Bass
Martha Marin: Vocals
Steve Scully: Drums