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25th Anniversary Dog Tag Packet - $32

Blood Type

Blood Type
25th Anniversary Dog Tag Packet

Military Identification Tags ("dog tags") carry, beyond their utilitarian purpose, different meanings for different people.

For us, they're about memory, a keepsake, something you'd put with your keys or wear around your neck or keep in a box.

We found a small batch of blank ("new old stock") 1964 Vietnam-era ID tags, FSN 8455-242-4804. 1964 was the first year the notch was removed. They're made of monel, unlike stainless steel replicas. There's nothing wrong with modern ones, and we highly recommend the fine folks at

A USMC Vietnam veteran debossed them for us on a period-correct Series 6300 addressograph, character by character.

Please note that only one dog tag is included.

The dog tags are debossed with various blood types, feel free to choose yours.

We also located some US Military dog tag ball necklaces — these are also new old stock from the 1980s, one long 27", and one short 5.5", NSN 8465-00-261-6629.

Comfortable to wear, the necklace is also useful for wearing things like convention badges or work IDs.

Also included in the packet is something common to see alongside dog tags, a can opener from the Shelby company. The P-51 is the slightly larger version of the more common P-38.

Finally, we added a high-grade, reusable double-ply fiber cloth from a government contractor's overstock, useful for eyewear and screens, and an analog bookmark, back when pages were in books.